CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona
CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona

You can only register with the SOCI price for those minors who have the condition "Member children under 7 years old", "Child member" and "Youth member" of the club and who are aware of the payment of the fees. To do this you will have to follow the following steps:

1.Log in to "MI CLUB ONLINE" with the user (member number) and password of the minor. (If you do not know this information, contact us on 977208015 or email

2. Once the session is open, check in "MY DATA" that everything is correct, add the postal address as well as the contact telephone numbers and save the changes. They are the ones we will use to contact if necessary. Without them it is possible that the registration will be cancelled.

3. With the revised data, go to "SUMMER ACTIVITIES", and you will see the child's file that must be registered. If it doesn't come out, make sure you've successfully logged in with your user. Then choose the activities (they appear according to age), the number of shifts and accept the conditions and click the sign up button.

4. Make the payment through the online gateway or to the member's account.

For any technical incident, you can contact the club at 977208015 or at