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CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona

Come and discover one of the novelties of this year 2022

The Claustre Group, located in Altafulla as its main business base, is specialized in select hotels and restaurants, adapting its offer to each type of public and circumstance in its different businesses and products.

Guided by the maxim, quality comes first, each business evolves year after year adapting to the new trends and requirements demanded by the market and society.

Our main priority is the satisfaction and well-being of our clients, providing the best service and quality in each of the products we offer, all this is at the center of everything we do.

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Dear Partners,
From the Claustre Group we wish to welcome you this summer 2022.
The reason for this writing is to make some brushstrokes on the management of the restoration retrospectively and in turn looking towards the most immediate future, focused mainly on this summer.
Since we started our journey in the CTT, we have focused on understanding the client type of this Club, in order to be able to design a gastronomic proposal that adapts to the idiosyncrasies of the member, as well as the place.
Proof of this has been the implementation of the following actions:
  • Weekly menus with different starters, main courses, desserts.
  • New menu with a range of suggestions covering tapas, salads, toasts, rice, fish, hamburgers, meats, etc.
  • Increase in kitchen and dining room staff by 1% compared to the previous year.
  • Mass sanitation of back office spaces.
  • Changing terrace furniture.
  • Maximum containment and effort on the part of this manager, as far as possible, to increase prices based on the volatility of the momentary cost of raw materials and the current situation of uncertainty.
We are aware that after all, as is logical, there are points of improvement that thanks to your comments transferred through the Board of this Club we are trying to remedy.
Looking towards this immediate summer and holiday future, we will inform you of the following:
  • We will offer dinners with a menu adapted for that particular moment.
  • We are launching a Chill Out area in the plaza next to the terrace for your comfort and in order to promote a more relaxed space.
  • We set up a calendar of live musical performances that, according to our experience, is always very successful during the summer, the calendar will be announced through Newsletter, RRSS, visual posters in the Restaurant and through CTT itself, we attach a copy of the calendar.
  • Implementation of an event management system of our own Group, offering direct contact with the partner on the gastronomic and accommodation proposals of all our spaces, to be able to organize any type of event, say, company meal, family meal, communion , birthday or simply celebration.
  • Analysis of structural changes of aesthetic nuance in the restaurant and bar through proposals from different architecture studios, with the aim of substantially improving the atmosphere of these spaces.
I will announce that all this is just the beginning of a path that together we will be able to share and enjoy as we are saving for both parties.
Receive a big hug.
Josep Ma Lloret and Gual