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Vicki Jimenez and Max Alcalá were the first champions of the Red Cup

Andorran Victòria Jimenez has been one of the most followed players during the tournament


Last Sunday at Club Tennis Tarragona, where Andorran Vicki Jimenez and Valencia's Max Alcalá were the main players of the day to win the titles of the first champions of the race.

It has been more than a week of competition, from where the organizers already take the first evaluations. The club shows his satisfaction for the work done in this test. Apart from betting on young rackets we have had the opportunity to see top-level tennis on the tracks of the entity, emphasizes Pere LL. Bergadà, club president.

Victòria Jimenez and Sebastianna Scilipotti, made the audience enjoy the game of the day. A female final that lasted until 3 hours and finally fell from the band of the young player of just 14 years old Vicki Jimenez at the decisive tie break. The final result of 6/2 6/7 (5) 7/6 (1) already speaks for itself. A game where we could see everything, where neither of the finalists wanted to give in and it seemed to be a roller coaster in some sections of the showdown. The good times were present throughout the final, with a 13th champion from Roland Garros in 2018 that took his side more attacking and that allowed him to be proclaimed as the first Red Cup champion disputed at Club Tennis Tarragona.

For the men's side the final was much faster, the Israeli player Aaron Cohen suffered from the discomfort in his arm and had to receive treatment on the part of the physiotherapist. This impediment, added to the very high level of Max Alcalá during the whole week, left the men's final with a 6/3 6/0 result in favor of the player (1) in the box, which made it worth his favorite condition.

The test ended with the delivery of medals to the champions and runners-up, thanks to sponsors and institutions for the support and with the presence in the central runway of the Javier Soler club (sports director RFET), Jordi Tamayo (President FCT), Elisa Vedrina (councilor for sports of the city council), Joan Plana (responsible for sports in Tarragona of the Generalitat), Pere LL. Bergadà (president of the CTT) and Lluís Yebra with Agustí Pujol (members of the board of directors of the CTT).