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The Teixidó sisters in the final of the female doubles

The semi-finals and the doubles finals are played on Saturday


The recently-fired players of Club Tennis Tarragona, better known as the Teixidó sisters, will dispute Saturday afternoon the women's final in doubles. Those of the club of Cala Romana that go as number (2) of the picture, face the pair (3) formed by Eleanor Baglow and Sofia Pizzoni. Regarding the male chart, Barney Fitzpatrick and Daniel Webb, from Great Britain, play for the title of champions against the Portuguese Bernardo Gandara and Antonio Pedro Pragana.

In the individual table, the tie-ups reach the semifinals Sebastianna Sicilipoti will play against Ares Teixidó on the club's central track in the first round of matches, like Eleanor Baglow who will face the young sensation of the tournament, the 13-year-old player with Andorran residence Vicki Jimenez. All of them players with a lot of talent that will surely offer top-level parties to the public that comes close to the club.

For the men's team we will have semi-finals with a lot of Spanish flavor, the player (1) Max Alcalá will play against Gerard Planelles Valencia, while the second half will face the Israeli Aaron Cohen in the Valencian Pablo Alemany too. Both games in the second round of the morning on the central courts.