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The Tarragona Tennis Inclusive project is presented in society

Six visits to six schools in Tarragona will be the backbone of the project in its first edition


The Tarragona Tennis Club has presented the Tarragona Tennis Inclusive (TTI) project in society. A unique and innovative project in the province with the collaboration of CaixaBank and "La Caixa" Welfare Projects, where its creator, Lluís Yebra López, hopes to foster and promote awareness and inclusion through sport and, in particularly tennis, especially the younger audience.

The president of the Tarragona organization, Pere Ll. Bergadà emphasized the impact that a project of this size can have on society: "We have never done a program of this type that pivotes on sport to give relevance to the inclusive field and it is a whole · licentious for us. It is an initiative that we firmly believe in. "

The Tarragona Tennis Inclusive Program will structure its line of activity into three main pillars thanks to its collaboration with the Tennis Catalan Foundation, headed by Marina Bronchales, and the 'La Caixa' Welfare Projects. The first will be six awareness-raising visits to six public schools in different districts of Tarragona - on April 14 and 15 - where one hour talks will be given by the wheelchair tennis player Quico Tur and wheelchair tennis coach José Luis Montoya.

The second action will take place on April 16 in the facilities of the Tennis Club Tarragona, where students from the schools that have received the talks will be invited to conduct several workshops to see and get to know two of the first hand different disciplines of adapted tennis: wheelchair tennis and visually impaired tennis ('Blind Tennis'). A unique opportunity for the youngest to feel wheelchair tennis for a day.

Finally, on the same day of the inclusive workshops, an inclusive day will be held in which various associations, including the Tarragona association 'La Muralla' and under the auspices of the Mental Health Federation of Catalonia, will be invited to do some days tennis and enjoy a wheelchair tennis display. However, one of the other activities to be performed in this first edition of the project is the 1st Wheelchair Open. Contest that will host the Tennis Club Tarragona and will be part of the RED CUP BMW Oliva Motor, an international youth tournament that will be held from April 13 to 19 in the premises of the club in Cala Romana.