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CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona

The Tarragona Tennis Club will bring paddle tennis to the veteran championship in Spain

A team made entirely of players from the house


Paddle players from the Club Tennis Tarragona will travel this weekend to Bilbao to play in the facilities of Real Club Jolaseta the Spanish championship for teams of second category veterans.

The team of veterans of the CTT achieved the promotion of category in 2017 when they were proclaimed champions of Spain of 3rd. This has given the right for our players to play among the eight best state teams in the second category.

After a good trajectory, in 2018 the players of the club were also proclaimed champions of Catalonia in a very disputable end against the ever-powerful Real Club de Polo de Barcelona.

Now, Tarragona has to face a much more challenging challenge since in the state champions many teams reinforce their ranks with professional players or special signings. It should be noted in this sense that the paddle team of Club Tennis Tarragona is made up entirely of players from the house.

These sporting achievements in the Catalan and state field have allowed the Tarragona team to have two sponsors for this season, Gestoria Panicot and Semat Data rely on this team and make participation in this test easier for players.