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The sisters Teixidó to the feminine one and Fitzpatrick with Webb to the masculine champions of the doubles of the Red Cup

Sunday will be the turn of the individual finals


The Teixidó sisters are proclaimed as Champions of the Red Cup at the Tarragona Tennis Club. The players of LLeida, who have been one of the last additions to the rows of the entity won a final disputed on the club's main court yesterday. The final result was 6/2 4/6 (10/3), against Eleanor Baglow and Sofia Pizzoni who did not lower their arms at any time.

For the men's team, the doubles specialists, the players from Great Brittany, Webb and Fitzpatrick took the title without losing a single set in the whole test. The final result was 7/6 (6) 6/0, against the pair of Portuguese formed by Bernardo Gandara and Antonio Pedro Pragana, who lost all the intensity of their game by not being able to get the tie break of the first set

As for the individual squads, Max Alcalá and Aaron Cohen are on Sunday, which will be the first Red Cup men's final. Both players surpassed their round of semifinals, Max by the fast track 6/0 6/1, whereas Cohen disputed the third set 7/5 1/6 6/4.

It will open the tennis day the women's final, which will face players Scilipotti and Jimenez. Both players have demonstrated a great level during the previous games, it should be noted that Vicki's 14-year-old Andorran reached the finals of the first edition of the Red Cup after qualifying in the previous round of the tournament.