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CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona

The girls of the Tennis Club Tarragona champions of Paddle Catalonia

The team of veterans of the CTT disputed the test at the Terrassasports club


The team formed by the partners and players of the club of Cala Romana qualified to play the first category Catalan championship in women's senior. The event that took place from June 24 to July 1 at the Terrassasports facilities brought together a total of 10 teams in the competition.

The girls of the CTT are already accustomed to winning and that in November they already won the title of third category champions in Spain. A team led by Montse Mercadé and currently has 21 players of the entity.

In the first round they faced NTC Paddle, where they added the first victory of the test by 4/1. Those from Tarragona who went to the top of the box and defended number 2, were in semifinals against Cercle Sabadellès 1856 and repeated a result, winning by 4/1. Finally, Tarragona won the game and the 3/2 championship against the head of the series (1) of the Rc Polo de Bcn.

The club and its board of directors show the satisfaction both for the results obtained and for the team formed. All players deeply rooted in the club, who play and train the entity of Cala Romana and always defending the characteristic Red Club Tennis Tarragona.