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CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona

Start of the tennis and paddle schools of the CTT

On Monday, September 3, the 18/19 season began


On Monday, September 3 was the day of 'return to school' by a part of our students and trainers in tennis and paddle schools. Throughout the week the students will be gradually incorporating into the school.

The base school of the CTT will train at the facilities of the club area every afternoon of the week, like the groups of Nextgen and E-comp who will also do it on Saturdays in the morning. Instead pro competition groups are the ones that will train more often in the Park area. They will also hold the physical session in that sport area and yesterday the coaches already announced their participation in the Santa Tecla Peonada Popular as part of the preseason.

The inscriptions were opened a few weeks ago on the club's website and now more than 200 players have already made their place reservation for this season. Although the CTT expands its facilities, some groups already have more than 90% of employment.

The team of technicians that will be formed by all the trainers of the Tennis Club Tarragona and new additions of the Park will be presented in the coming days through the social networks of the club officially.