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One of the most recognized circuits in the area has reached the CTT for the first time


During the past week, the Tarragona Tennis Club hosted the Nuestro Padel Tour, one of the most recognized Padel circuits in the area.

After some frankly complicated qualifiers, on Sunday we named the champions of each category.

We had many representatives of the CTT, and several champions. David Pasamontes and Luis Guasch, 2nd Male Category, and Yolanda Manzanal and Maria Mayenco, 4th Female Category.

The rest of the Club's competitors: Eric Mata, Nil Mansilla, Ton Boquet, Carlos Guasch, Iván Valeriano, Jordi Creixell, Sergio Valverde, Óscar Cabrero, Ferran Castellví, Pol Virgili, Daniel Girbes, Álex Calle, Cristina Recuero, Ruth Serra, Meritxell Guillemat and Candela Maresca.