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The Tarragona Tennis Club continues to grow constantly. The aim is none other than to seek the maximum satisfaction of our partners, and thanks to the latest moves we are getting closer to our goal.

And we have just closed a sponsorship agreement with Padelgest , the padel court manufacturer that has more than twenty years of experience and an extensive background in the sector, being the first official court of the World Padel Tour circuit and the company chosen to build the Guinness World Record padel court in the impressive Steinway Tower in New York.

This will give visibility to the Catalan company on the 5 recently renovated padel courts in the Zona Park, either in official competitions held at the CTT or in other types of events. These are adapted to a super panoramic model, following the style of the official World Padel Tour court.

Sergi Estupiña, CEO of Padelgest , says that this agreement "reaffirms the attractiveness of padel in clubs with history and prestige such as the CTT", and that "this partnership reinforces our commitment to support Catalan clubs and the expansion of this sport. It is a pride for Padelgest ."

From the CTT they show the maximum compliance with this sponsorship agreement and we continue to work daily for a common good.