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The official competition will start on Tuesday 17 May on the courts of the Tarragona Tennis Club


Cala Romana will once again host the ITF J4 competition, the Tarragona Tennis Club is already working on the final details prior to the BMW Oliva Motor Red Cup championship.

Since Sunday, the first players of the previous phase have played the days also known as 'qualy'. The local Red Tennis Academy players: Adrià Serra and Genís Ribas in men and Victòria calle, Sarra Corrio and Noelani in women unfortunately were eliminated in their first match.

The official competition in the men's and women's singles categories will take place from Tuesday, and the doubles table will have to wait until Wednesday. David Alonso as director of the tournament comments, it will be a pleasure to receive some of the best players and players in the world at Club Tennis Tarragona. Admission will be free and the club will be open to all sports enthusiasts who decide to come to the facility to watch the matches between the young tennis players.

The player Tomas Quesada Pérez of Spain will be the leader of series (1) of the test in the masculine category. Quesada already knows what it means to win a junior ITF, two titles in this 2022 prove it. In the women's box the reference player will be the French Lucie Pawlak. In addition, we will also have in competition the players of the new academy of the Tarragona Tennis Club: kayle Teso, Jana Genís and Martina Genís in the women's and iñigo Villacampa and Nico Muñoz in the men's.

On Saturday, the organization is preparing a big day of live tennis, with the singles finals in the morning and the doubles finals in the afternoon. In addition, the school's technical team together with the FCT will hold a super-tennis meeting aimed at the little ones. All those members and fans who come to Cala Romana will have the opportunity to taste the new restaurant of the club that will offer a wide variety of products and set the central square.