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A fun summer night to celebrate the XXXIV Day of the CTT

Members and friends could celebrate the club's most special night until dawn


The Tennis Club Tarragona celebrated its fiesta par excellence last Saturday, July 21st. The club that already has 34 editions of its Day, organized a fresh dinner in the square, a performance by magician Jordi Caps and live music by Chipper & the wave band.

The evening was open at 9:00 p.m., with the entrance of the first members to the club, they all went through the photocoll where a photographer used to capture a memory of what would be the beginning of the night. The youngest, about 35 in all, started their dinner earlier. Meanwhile, in the club's main square, driver Sebas Veciana called Pere Hernàndez (president of the FCP), Elvira Ferrando (Deputy Mayor) and Pere LL. Bergadà (president of the CTT) to proceed with the parliaments prior to dinner. They all highlighted the values ​​of Club Tennis Tarragona and what a club like ours in the city, especially in this year of the Mediterranean Games, brings. Finally, Bergada took the opportunity to comment on one of the news of the season, the purchase of the Tennis Park, an ambitious and exciting project.

Before dinner there was still time for a couple of sporting recognitions, the first of the girls of the female senior team, current champions of Spain of the third category and champions of first Catalunya. A team from our house, with players that we usually visit every day at the Cala Romana club. And then, the recognition was by Miquel Puigdevall, in his tennis career rooted in the CTT, recent Spanish champion of individual category +55.

The dinner was given by the gastrobar of the club, in this edition with a very special wine. President Pere LL. Bergada presented the latest corporate product, the white and black wine of the Terra Alta sea secrets and which has its main label with the Club Tennis Tarragona logo. You can buy this product right now at the club reception.

Before the party there were two special recognitions, the first one to club member number 3, Mr. Jose Luis Calderon, a whole life doing side by side in the CTT. And the second, a pending act, a recognition to the work that the board of directors developed, and especially to its president, Mr. Antonio Sánchez from the year 2006 to 2010.

Up to 3 in the morning, more than 250 members and friends of the club danced at the rhythm of Chipper & the wave and dj Sebas.

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