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Come to the special training sessions of the 10k * and Mitja Marató de Tarragona, together we overcome the challenges!
(10k runners must perform half of the established distance)

Departure from the office of la Caixa to the snatcher,1.2992512/CaixaBank,+Carrer+Salvador+Espriu,+2,+43007+Tarragona,+T/@41.1242124,1.2676971,14z/data=!3m1! 4b1! 4m9! 4m8! 1m1! 4e1! 1m5! 1m1! 1s0x12a3fcb7adbec6d5: 0xd27d653f17da9629! 2m2! 1d1.2715645! 2d41.1207891

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We organize training according to levels:

Multilevel-> Outings fit for everyone, we organize the groups according to the level of the people we have that day.

Alt-> People accustomed to running at least 3 days per week, at fast pace and irregular terrain.

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