The XXXIII Open of Kings of the Tarragona Tennis Club ends with a great level

More than 170 players / competitions were disputed at the facilities of the club of Cala Romana


The Tarragona Tennis Club celebrated its XXXIII edition of the Christmas classic of tennis in Tarragona this year. The Open de Reis is one of the special tests in the annual calendar of the club. A good number of CTT players were part of the test, and finally, up to 67 players from the house showed the red colors of the entity during the whole week.

The proof that it is the only circuit that makes its registration online and with an instant payment platform closed registrations on December 29 at 6:00 p.m., reaching a large volume of registrations. A total of 10 categories that ranged from Benjamin to absolute, both in men and women, formed the final paintings.

In male Benjamín V.Palomar ended up winning his final against B.Tellez by 4/2 4/0, it should be noted that neither player was going to be the head of the series. In the Aleve category, two CTT players arrived to the final, leaving the player (3) as Genís Ribas, who won David Garcia for 7/6 (4) 6/3. While in the children's category the two series (1) and (2) heads were presented at the end, where this time the victory fell from the Freixas band by 6/3 6/1 against an Ágió Pou that little else he could do everything and play at home. In cadet it was repeated that of the red end and it is that Monclùs and Pol del Castillo, both of the Tennis Club Tarragona offered one of the best games of the day, with a final result of 5/7 6/3 (6 -2) in favor of Pol del Castillo. The latter was the only player in the championship that doubled the final, disputing little more than an hour later, the final of the absolute category against an experienced Adrià Fochs (1) who was the main favorite to win the championship. Finally for 6/3 6/1 Fochs honored his position in the table and won the final and the test in a game that let us see different quality details from cough two players.

For the women's band, Adriana Pujol, Adriana Pujol gave the first joy to those of Cala Romana when he won his final against A. Garcia for 4/1 4/2, it should be noted that the matches of this category as well as in the Men played in sets of 4 games. In Aleví category, Lidia Salvador won Meritxell Teixidó in a final between heads of series (2) and (1) in that order. The final result was 7/5 6/4 in favor of Salvador. In cadet category, Joanna Miralles earned the role of favorite and the final against Angela Pérez was won by 6/1 6/2. Regarding the children's category, Amaia Balaguer (4) took the final against the player of the CTT Clàudia Casas (3) for 6/3 6/1. And lastly, in absolute feminine category, Mariona Pérez demonstrated his superiority throughout the championship, not losing a single set in the whole race and winning his final against Mariona Franco for 6/3 6/1.

The club wishes to highlight the good tennis environment experienced throughout the week at its facilities, as well as the competitive values ​​and respect for the players of the different clubs that have visited Tarragona. The awards ceremony was held at the end of the finals in the same place of the club where the highest responsible for the competition were among others: Alberto Gil, Marc Mas and Antonio Poveda accompanied by the president of the entity Pere LL.Bergadà.