The Turkish Eraydin and the Moroccan Ouahab take the gold from the tennis competition of the Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018

France and Slovenia in feminine and Monaco and Italy in masculine have completed the podium


A first-class atmosphere at the Tarragona Tennis Club to live live the individual finals of the male and female categories. The partners and fans have filled the guards to see the last matches of the competition

First, the female category was played, where the Slovenian player Veronika Erjavec finally won the bronze medal against the Italian Bronzetti for 2-6 6-4 6-3.

A few minutes later on the main court, the protagonists of the day jumped to the track. Frenchman Fiona Ferro started winning the first set for 7-6, but the one of Turkey that had already demonstrated its potential in the previous games did not throw the towel at any time and finally the two rear sets were taken with a final result of 7-6 3-6 3-6. In this way, Eraydin wins gold from the Mediterranean games Tarragona 2018.

For the male band Jacopo Berretini adds the bronze for Italy, in a game that could not end due to an injury of his rival Ahouda. While in the masculine finale Moroccan Lamine Ouahab has been the dominant total of the game. The one from Monaco has been letting go of talent but the veteran and security of Ouahab have been superiors and the match and the championship for 6-2 6-3 have been taken.

The Tennis Club Tarragona encloses a special test, with a good tennis level and where the installation of Cala Romana has been full of color at all times. Especially the blue of the players and volunteers who have done a spectacular job during every day of the competition, as well as club staff.

David Valeriano, the installation director and Antonio Poveda, the competition's director, highlighted the positive message they received from everyone regarding the club's work and the excellent development of the sports competition.