The Tennis Club Tarragona celebrates the meeting of mini-clubs and superlists in the whole of Catalonia

More than 150 children between 4 and 10 years old found themselves in the club of Cala Romana


Finally the activity took place on Saturday, June 19th at the facilities of the Club Tennis Tarragona, since a few weeks before the organization had to postpone the activity due to rain. The 11 clay courts and the polideportivo track of the entity were occupied by the base of the provincial racket and the smiles of the smaller ones were present throughout the afternoon.

A total of 8 clubs attended the event with their young players, Tennis Nàstic, Tennis San Salvador, Tennis Constantí, CT Valls, CT Reus Montserols, Tennis Cunit and Tennis el Catllar added color and game to the activity.

More than 25 workers and volunteers from the school were responsible for carrying out the test, which began with recreational games to activate the body and subsequently followed a competition for points in individual format and with changes of continuous rivals The purpose of this activity is to promote and promote tennis during the children's stage.

It should be noted that the Catalan territorial tennis federation was responsible for organizing the sub-10 test as well as yielding part of the material to perform the test of these characteristics with more inscriptions throughout Catalonia.