The Open of Kings of the Master 1000 paddle of the Tarragona Tennis Club ends

Altadill Paddle Tour was the organizer of the event at the Cala Romana facilities


The race was played at the Club Tennis Tarragona facilities during the Christmas holidays. The MÁSTER 1000 category championship was the first ALTADILL PÀDEL TOUR circuit tournament in the Tarragona area.


They ended as winners of the different categories:


1st male category:

W Tonet Sans Riola / Sergio Bursa Garcia

F Climent Subirats Joel / Carlos Belles Aparicio


2nd male category:

W Ruben Sánchez / Áleix Vaquer

F Gerard Pons / Mataza


3rd male category:

W Ximo Bonet / Miquel Diez

F Albert Bozalongo / Albert Trillas


4th male category:

W kerin Head / Marc olivella

F Jordi Aiguade / Agustí mallol


1st female category:

W Ainara pozuelo / Carlota García

F Arantxa Alejandre Montero / Sara palacios


2nd female category:

W Nuria Gaya / Carla de Alfonso

F Patrícia Granados / Carolina Pellicer


2nd female consolation:

W Verònica Corrochano / Sílvia Lozano

F María José Sanchez / Laura Monne


2nd male consolation:

W Raül Hernandez / Ramon Ortiz

F Carles Miró / Xavi Miró


3rd Men's Consolation:

W Alejandro street / Victor Pujol

F Manel Basquens / Roberto Rambla


4th male consolation:

W Cristian Torres / Albert Dura

F Guillem Amigó / Jairo Carretero


The club and the organization thank all the players for their participation in this test.