The first day of tennis finishes with all the games played on a splendid day

A total of 27 games of the different categories have been disputed



The Tennis Club Tarragona hosts the first day of competition with all facilities at maximum performance in order to enjoy a very special day of tennis. The way to go has been a long way to get here and many workers and volunteers will devote all their efforts to give a good image of the city and the sport of racket in the rest of the world and especially in the Mediterranean.

A total of 27 games were played on this first day of competition without any notable surprise. Heat has been one of the protagonists, he has suffered courageously for both attendees and players who have even had to ask for the organization's ice during the game to fight small marshes.

For the Spanish side, the boys were not able to overcome their corresponding matches in the individual. They will have the opportunity to continue playing in the doubles category, closing Tuesday's day on the central court. For the female band the girls come into play tomorrow Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the club is expected with great enthusiasm, as the head of the test team, Luca Catarina, enters the competition. The player who has a special mentor like Novak Djokovich, seems to get to the test in a good level of form.