The Club Tennis Tarragona runners sound the T-shirt at the Half Marathon + 10K of Tarragona

With 30 entries, those of Cala Romana have been the first tennis club and the fourth entity in the name of corridors.


A total of 30 runners and runners of the Tennis Club Tarragona have been presented this Sunday at the start line of the Half Marathon + 10K of Tarragona, reaching the whole group the goal of proclaiming finishers.

Those of Cala Romana have also been the tennis club with the most enrolled and the fourth with more participants, behind only the big running clubs in the city.

It is worth mentioning the performance of Paquita Giménez, who made his 21st half consecutive marathon in Tarragona, once again, being the first in its category with a final time of one hour, 37 minutes and 57 seconds.

In short, all our runners enjoyed a very special morning, already consolidated in the Club calendar. The day ended in the best possible way, with a good meal of brotherhood in the restaurant of the Park area of ​​the Club Tennis Tarragona.