CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona
CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona
CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona
CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona
CLUB TENNIS TARRAGONA eCommerce Tarragona Tarragona




Dear members,

As you know, the crisis of public health we are experiencing is affecting all the structures of our society and our environment, and, of course, also our Club.

The State Government has already confirmed that the alarm status will be extended for another 15 days than originally anticipated.

In the face of this exceptional situation, all of our club employees and members of the Board of Directors have been working very hard to establish the basis for the operation of our Club during this crisis period, setting a contingency plan with the elaboration of a budget that allows us to overcome this situation.

In April, the fees corresponding to the tennis and paddle schools, private classes and other activities and services provided by and / or through the Club and exceeding the strict quota will not be charged member or subscriber ordinary.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop charging the ordinary fee, though we would like to be able to do so. The economic situation of our Club is good and healthy but it does not allow us to stop perceiving the ordinary quota of our members and subscribers if we want to continue to maintain the quality of our service at all levels and sections. The Club must continue to assume the payment of its ordinary obligations, salaries of employees, social contributions, supplies, suppliers, bank loans, obligations with the Treasury and Social Security or insurance, among other obligations.

During these days, the staff of our Club attached to the established areas will dedicate their time to extraordinary maintenance of the facilities and special cleaning and disinfection work. However, through the Club's social networks, it will be offered to all members and subscribers of the entity who so desire, the opportunity to train from home with sessions and interviews with different personalities of the sector in our channel. Instagram and different types of extraordinary activities and sessions on the different official communication channels of the Club.

An initiative of the staff of our club that we know is being widely accepted by all of you, which encourages us to continue along the same lines.


That is why we ask and thank you wholeheartedly for this small effort you are making for the benefit of our Club, so that we can keep it up and running, and when everything returns to normal we can enjoy it again with the better possible conditions.

There is no scheduled date that will assure us the moment we can enjoy our club again given the uncertainty of the moment. As soon as we become aware, we will notify you of the news that may affect us both positively and negatively.

In order to try to reward all the effort that we are asking you, despite the difficulty of this compensation, the Club will give you 15 invitations to invite anyone, to enjoy our facilities when everything returns to normal, for a whole day and with no expiration date.

We are aware of the effort we are asking you to make, but we understand that this is the only way we can take to preserve the continuity of the Club and ensure its normal operation. Thank you very much for your understanding and we will keep you informed of any steps that will be taken soon.