Gerard Gras / Alfons Masero and Marta Valls / Montse Royo win the Paddle Against Cancer Open

In mixed, the pair formed by Paco Villar and Laia Buquera has been imposed


Gerard Gras and Alfonso Masero have been proclaimed Champions of the sixth Paddle Against Cancer Open, which for the first time has been held on the Club Tennis courts, when winning the brothers Víctor and Marc Sans. In women's category, the Champions were Marta Valls and Montse Royo, who have overtaken Eva Hernández and Rosa Maria Valera. Concerning mixed parties, the pair formed by Paco Villa and Laia Buquera has been imposed on Buenaventura Pérez and Nuria Castillo.

But beyond the sporting ground, the appointment has had a marked charity. And it is that both the collection of the 180 inscriptions and the voluntary contributions to the zero row will be given to the Spanish Association Against Cancer in order to allocate these resources to the fight against the disease.

The Open, which took place on October 13th and 22nd, ended this Sunday with the awards ceremony, draw of gifts and an exhibition party with some of the best paddle players in the province: Pete and Gerard Francino, Sergio Bursa and Ivan Garri. The event was attended by Ana Vilallonga , president of the AEEC in the province of Tarragona; Eduardo Sañudo, treasurer of the AECC in the province of Tarragona; Toto Rovira and Montse Cañadell, from the Tarragona Tennis Club Board.