The cadets of the Club Tennis Tarragona, paddle tennis champions in Spain

The CTT team was the only Catalan team that was part of the competition



The paddle tennis players of Club Tennis Tarragona continue to accumulate success. The last has been the Spanish championship that has achieved his cadet team during the mixed tournament played at the Paddle Club Home in Villamayor, in Salamanca, as well as obtaining the promotion to the highest national category where they play the eight best state clubs.

The Tarragona team, the only Catalan that competed in this 2nd Division Spanish Championship, was made up of Marc Arbúcies, Sael Martínez, Alberto Bozalongo, Eduard Tomàs, Pol Pérez, Carlota Garcia and Ainara Pozuelo, headed by Alex Parés

On his way to the final, CT Tarragona got rid of CT Pamplona (3-0), Esmaspadel Club of Vizcaya (3-0), Real Club Jolaseta de Vizcaya (3-0) and Fit Point Plastibland by Blak Crown of Palma de Mallorca (2-1) in semifinals. In the final they rubbed the title before the Club Escuela de Pádel las Marías de Cádiz, one of the reference schools of all Spain that was imposed by the minimum (1-2). Each round was played with two male and one female matches.

An unprecedented success, no doubt, when competing with players from Tarragona in their quarry, when the majority of clubs that take part in the state are reinforced with the best possible signings of their area of ​​influence.

A few days ago, the men and women's teams of the Club Tennis Tarragona already achieved the maximum category of the Catalan paddle in the championship held at the Paddle Nou of Hospitalet de l'Infant. The classification achieved places them among the eight best teams in Catalonia.