CT Tarragona hosts the Grand Slam of paddle with the best figures of the Catalan cicuit

Many players and players of the school dispute the competition



The Tennis Club of Tarragona hosts during this week the tournament of the Gran Slam paddle category, sponsored by the Oliva Motor group, which brings together the best players and players of the Catalan circuit.

The tournament counts as a better known face with Ari Sánchez, the 9th Spanish player of the World Paddle Tour that will compete next to the veteran Nelida Beatriz (they are the fourth heads of series); Cristina Gomis and Nuria Rovira will be number 1; Sara Pujals and Alix Collombon, 2; and also Anna Cortiles and Nicole Traviesa, from Barcelona.

In the masculine box there will be the main players of the Catalan circuit. The great favorites will be Jordi Juan and David Luque; Enric Sanmartí i Nelson Adrian Biglieri; Rubén Rivera and Toni Bueno and Eduard Bainad and Darío Agustín Tapia, one of the young promises of the World Paddle Tour. Tonet Sans, the best of the players of our house in the Catalan circuit, is also registered.

There is also a huge representation of players from the demarcation and the paddle team of the Club Tennis Tarragona, in the case of Joel Climent and Carlos Belles, Sergio Bursa or Guillem Figuerola. Many players and players of the competition's school of the entity also dispute the test.

It is worth mentioning that among the inscriptions, in this case in the 2nd category, the extennists Jordi Arrese - Olympic Champion in Barcelona'92 - and Beto Martín are also included as a couple.

This Grand Slam is played on a daily basis at Club Tennis Tarragona afternoon (there are four male and one female categories), with free entry throughout the championship. Grand finals of 1st will be played on Sunday at 10.30 (female) and at 11.30 (male).