Domain of Club Tennis Tarragona in the provincial championships for tennis teams

The CTT won eight rounds of the twelve at stake


The Reus Monterols Tennis Club and the Tarragona Tennis Club hosted the 24th and 25th of November and the 2nd and 3rd of December, the 44th edition of the Provincial Equipment Championship. The representation of Tarragona of the Catalan Tennis Federation regains a great tennis celebration where the best teams in the province fought to win the title of provincial champion.

Reus Monterols Tennis Club hosted the first weekend, the categories of young, young, and young. The reds of Cala Romana showed a great level and made clear the intention of wanting to play a good role in the different games of this edition. Finally, the categories of female fern, male fern and male senior fell from those of Tarragona. Losing the other three against Monterols in Cadets and Serramar in female goatfish.

The second weekend was different, ours played at home, in the facilities of the Club Tennis Tarragona and the categories were benjamín, child and absolute. They all surpassed the first day of Saturday, returning to the competition on Sunday in final format. All the eliminatory ones with the exception of the masculine infant were of a maximum equality, having to dispute the decisive doubles in the majority of categories. The red CTT players made 100% in the final, leaving only the female Benjamin category against Reus Monterols and proclaiming herself as the champion of the five remaining categories, male Benjamin, male children, female children, absolute feminine and absolute masculine.

In this way, the Tennis Club Tarragona closed some good weekends for teams and a lot of tennis where players, students of the school and partners have played with the colors of the entity. The CTT has finally added a total of eight of the twelve tests at stake.

The Tarragona Tennis Club is very positive in the new competitive format, agile and attractive, with a total of 8 clubs: Club Tennis Tarragona, Reus Monterols Club Tennis Club, Gimnàstic Club of Tarragona, Torredembarra Tennis Club, Club Reus Deportiu, Club Tennis Serrramar, Club Tennis Barà and Club Tennis Valls. Congratulations to everyone on the attitude of your players during the competition weekends.