Bassols and Guerrero give the bronze of double women in Spain to CT Tarragona

The triumph of the female double was for the Turks Ipek Oz and Basak Eraydin


This Saturday the final individual between the French Fiona Ferro and the Turkish Basak Eraydin and the monegasc Lucas Catarina and the Moroccan Lamine Ouahab

Tarragona, June 29, 2018

The Tarragona Tennis Club has played the first finals of the Mediterranean Games this Friday and awarded the first medals of the competition in the double mode.

In the finals of female doubles, the Turkish Ipek Oz and Basak Eraydin have hung gold in the sale of Bosnia-Herzegovina Nefisa Berberovic and Dea Herdzelas for 0/6, 6/3 and 12/10 in the super-break. And in the match for the bronze medal, the Spanish Navy Bassols and Eva Guerrero have imposed on French Fiona Ferro and Harmony Tan by a double 7/5.

Right now the male double final is being played between the French Alexandre Muller and Corentin Denolly and the Tunisian Anis Ghorbel and Aziz Mohamed Dougaz and also the bronze match between the Portuguese Bernardo Saraiva and Gonçalo Falcao and the Turks Ilhian Sarp Agabigun and Anil Yuksel.

On Saturday morning, the individual finals and games for the third and fourth place will be disputed. The female final will be played by the Italian Fiona Ferro and the Turkish Basak Eraydin (10.30) and the masculine moncaplain Lucas Catarina and the Moroccan Lamine Ouahab (not before 1:00 p.m.). And the matches for the bronze medal will face the Slovenian Veronika Erjavec and the Italian Lucia Bronzetti (10:00 p.m.) and the Moroccan Amine Ahouda and the Italian Jacopo Berretini (no earlier than 1:00 p.m.).

In the semi-finals this Friday Ferro has won Erjavec for 2/6, 6/4 and 6/1; Eraydin to Bronzetti for 6/3 and 7/5; Catarina a Ahouda for 7/5 and 6/1 and Ouahb to Berretini for 6/2 and 6/2.